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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


What to talk about today? That is the plaguing question. I think I am going to talk about a certain aspect of life.

I enjoy life. Most days I am filled with laughter and busting at the seems with smiles to greet everyone. But the other days I have my cranky pants on and don't feel comfortable in my own skin. I struggle with anger and depression, I won't lie. My anger stems from my strong convictions about life. I have a few beliefs that seem to creep into every aspect of my life. Anger can be healthy and it can also be dangerous.

I guess what makes me angry the most is Fatherhood. Fatherhood has become something that is not appreciated but dreaded. There are few men that I have had the pleasure of knowing who have taken their life-long commitment as a father seriously. I think all the good that is supposed to come out of commitment has been replaced with the free life. Men want to be free from women. I'm sorry, were we suffocating you with your responsibilities? I wonder when this general decline in Fatherhood began to happen? The 60's when everyone started to lose control and fall into the wonderful world of sex, drugs and rock and roll? Maybe this was the beginning of something great but also could be the beginning of an era of Fatherless Homes - which I have written an article about in the past. There needs to be a book a man reads before he is ever able to have an erection. Maybe that might be a little young to all you conservatives out there, but that would sure help this problem. It seems like some men these days are raised to only think of themselves and to avoid commitment.

Now, all you angry men out there just calm down. You know most of this is generally true of your species. More to come. That's all for today. Over and out.

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